The Power of Collaboration: Our Success in Networks

The Power of Collaboration: Our Success in Networks

Connecting with global networks is the key to our success. As logistic service provider, we understand the value of collaboration, and we have joined various prestigious networks to enhance our international coverage. We are partners with Cold Chain Connect, Parnity, JC Trans, Global Affinity Alliance and GFP.

Goals and Successes: International Expansion and Collaboration

Our goal is clear: we want to achieve international coverage through strategic collaborations. We select our partners based on knowledge and expertise. This enables us to build successful partnerships. These networks also offer benefits such as credit insurance. 

Our commitment has yielded multiple successes, including the establishment of a new department for unloading and releasing tank containers in the Rotterdam port. Additionally, we have filled our warehouse with goods loaded and unloaded in Rotterdam, building valuable contacts and friendships everywhere

Family Feel at Getting Logistics Done

What sets us apart is our family feel. At Getting Logistics Done, we are one close-knit family that supports each other, whether you are a customer, supplier, partner, or employee. We believe in sharing challenges and enjoyable moments, working together as one family to achieve successes.

Atmosphere at Events and Conferences

Our presence at events and conferences ranges from large-scale to small-scale, but the atmosphere is always congenial. We sense the hunger for networking and finding new contacts everywhere. The informal setting at some events often leads to grand plans being made over a beer.

Successful Membership: Strong Partnerships

For us, a network is successful when we find good partners. A good partner is one who can handle shipments for us or for whom we handle shipments. Our definition of success in these networks arises from the powerful partnerships we have built, enabling us to navigate the logistics world with confidence. 

We have already visited a number of our partners' events this year. We attended the Parnity XChange event in Las Vegas in February. This event took place at the famous Caesars Palace Hotel. Here were like-minded agents with whom we made business connections. 

We attended two events at the end of February and the beginning of March: WCA Worldwide conference in Dubai and Intermodal in Sao Paulo. Our employees talked to a lot of people and made new connections. The event of Intermodal has been a great experience! It was one of the largest and most extensive events about logistics, technology, innovations and more with interesting lectures and case presentations. 

In Dubai we stepped beyond the ordinary social networking sessions as we've been immersed in traditional Arabian vibes with engaging Arabian cultural activities.

This was a perfect opportunity to meet other members and for us to learn more about Arabian culture. 

As a team, we look forward to the future and the new opportunities that will arise. We continue to strive for strong partnerships and innovative solutions to provide the best service to our customers.

Want to know more about our adventures and future events? Then feel free to get in touch via our website or social media channels. Together we will build a stronger network and a successful future!



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