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customs clearance

The Customs Forwarders

International transport involves several obstacles, which include customs clearance. As a logistics company, we provide complete custom clearance services. This means you are relieved from AZ and you do not have to take into account the formalities at various borders. We take care of that for you! Want to know more about the customs forwarding costs for your shipment? Request a quote immediately! 


Efficient in transport

When you transport goods, you want them to arrive at their destination at the desired speed and time. After all, speed, together with the reliability and costs of the service, are the keys to success! With our customs forwarding services, you are also completely unburdened at customs. When you schedule a transport with us, we arrange everything from pick-up to the shipping point and to delivery at a destination of your choice. This also includes the formalities that are involved with every border crossing!


What does the customs agent cover? 

Looking for an all-round customs freight forwarding partner worldwide? Then you can certainly contact GLD. With our customs clearance services, we relieve you in: 

  • Customs clearance worldwide, also in collaboration with local customs agents
  • Clearance of export goods worldwide
  • Warehousing awaiting customs
  • Fiscal representation for import and export
  • VAT return and intra-community supplies. 

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Customs broker costs & tax representation

We always include the expected costs in the price. These are the costs for, for example, clearing goods in the EU or a country outside the EU. The following customs broker fees will be charged at the border: 

  • Customs freight clearance costs
  • Import duties – this varies per product
  • Sales tax in the form of VAT
  • Any excise taxes. 

We also calculate the above costs with every quotation. This gives you a complete picture of the costs of the entire transport.  


Fiscal Representation

The administration when clearing transport can be difficult. We are happy to take this off your hands. Our customs clearance services also include fiscal representation. This means that we take care of the administration for you when importing and exporting at every border. This includes the above costs, but also: 

  • The bill of lading
  • Commercial invoice for your goods
  • Certificate of origin
  • ATR form. 

Let GLD help

Importing and exporting involve a lot of administration. You can count on expert advice from our customs team. As customs forwarders, we do everything we can to ensure that your container transport runs as smoothly as possible. This ensures a complete overview of costs and efficient and fast transport. Do you want to know more? 

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