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Warehouse Logistics 


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Warehouse and Logistics

Every form of warehouse logistics starts or ends with a warehouse for the storage of goods. This makes warehousing the hub of the web and we offer the gateway to Europe with our warehouse and logistics services. With several distribution centres in the Randstad, we have many pallet spaces available for temporary and permanent storage of your goods! Combine warehouse and logistics with sea freight, air freight or road transport. Your goods always have a warm, safe and dry place. Our warehouse logistics solution company also offers Value Added Logistics and adds value to your products! 

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Warehousing Logistics

At GLD warehouses we provide temporary or permanent storage of goods in a warehouse. You can use this to store e-commerce inventory, fresh goods, awaiting customs clearance and more.


Enough storage space

Pallet storage, loose storage and more. A flat floor for the storage of goods as desired. We are the specialist for both larger and smaller shipments. Our system keeps your stock insightful and the warehousing costs transparent. 


Repacking, assembling

When you purchase warehousing from GLD, we also take care of additional actions in addition to storage. Think of packing and repacking, preparing orders for shipment, assembling, sealing, labelling and quality control of your (returned) goods. 


Storage of Fresh Goods

Are you expecting a shipment of fresh products that need to be cooled? No problem, our warehouses have temperature-controlled storage options. Your goods can be collected here and distributed from here. 

Why choose warehousing at GLD?

In addition to storing goods, we can also add value to your goods. This includes packaging, repackaging, labeling and preparing your goods for shipping. This makes our warehouse logistic costs attractive if you want to send out a product with a higher value. In addition: 

      • We ensure that your storage of goods has a permanent or temporary place in our cross docking warehouse
      • Are your products handled by specialized staff?
      • Saves you time and money, and you don't have to store your goods
      • Also send? We will then take care of you from your or our warehouse when shipping all over the world - then we will take care of you throughout the entire logistics process.
      • We are flexible and can act quickly to arrange storage for your goods.

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Fulfilment at GLD

Would you like to outsource the entire warehousing logistics process? That is possible! Maintaining your own stock takes time; At our warehouse logistics solution company we have a specialized team to take this process off your hands. This means that we store your orders, prepare them for shipment and handle returns at competitive warehousing costs. We take the entire process off your hands! 

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Looking for a Warehouse?

If you are looking for a warehouse and logistics, storage partner, GLD is the right place for you. Contact us for more information about our services. GLD lets you concentrate on your core business, as we take care of the logistics warehouse for you. We completely relieve you of the logistics process!  

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