Perishable Goods Transport

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Perishable Goods Transport.

When transporting food, plants, or other perishable goods there is a lot that goes for it. For instance, there are strict laws and regulations to guarantee the freshness of goods when they are delivered. We are the solid partner with a large network of transporters and with both the expertise and experience to handle perishable goods transport. Getting Logistics Done has extensive experience in perishable shipping of goods such as fruit, plants, meat, and fish. This can be done with container transport or via trailers. We also offer warehousing according to HACCP standards. As a result, you can leave conditioned transport to us with peace of mind. 

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perishable goods transport

Fruit import

We specialise in the import of fresh fruit and tropical fruits from all over the world. The focus for conditioned transport is on South America. Some examples are the import of pineapples, melons, bananas, and tropical fruits. We arrange perishable goods transport from the point of collection to the destination. Even to the shop!

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Transport of meat & fish

Meat and animal products are also conditioned goods that we transport, import and store from all over the world. We cooperate with parties that meet the strictest perishable goods logistics requirements. We also take care of the NVWA registration of every animal product you import.


Transport of vegetables 

Besides fruit, we also arrange a lot of conditioned transport of vegetables. This makes us your partner in vegetable imports from all over the world. Fresh from the land, transported by ship or plane to the final stretch by road to your warehouse. We arrange everything down to the Phyto certificates so that your perishable shipping products pass the strictest checks without any problems.


Transport of live plants and flowers 

Need live plants and flowers transported by air freight? That is conditioned transport, only done by plane. We ensure correct transport, so that your products arrive at their destination safely and, above all, fresh. We will also relieve you of any worries about importing or exporting these plants. We have extensive experience in transporting exotic plant species, especially from South America. We do all these perishable goods logistics services.


Sea Freight.

As a perishable goods sea freight forwarder, we cooperate with several shipping companies that transport your conditioned goods in optimal conditions. This allows us to opt for freezer transport or conditioned transport. Your products remain fresh until they reach their destination. We accompany your valuable cargo at every stage of the sea transport of your fresh goods. From the point of collection to the destination and notification to customs for certificates and regulations. 


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Air Freight.

When we think of perishable transport, many of our customers immediately think of air freight. Perishable transport goods often need speed to appear fresh in shops. As perishable goods on air freight transporters, we transport many products on the same day by air freight to various destinations. This ensures speed matches your requirements! Of course, we support you in the entire process, so you only need to plan the transport. We do the rest including administrative tasks at customs. 


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Warehousing and storage.

Not only for conditioned transport but also for storage and fulfilment of your fresh goods, you can rely on Getting Logistics Done perishable freight forwarders. Our warehouses (in the backyard of the port of Rotterdam and Schiphol Airport) meet the strictest HACCP requirements for the storage of perishable goods. This is why several wholesalers have already switched to Getting Logistics Done's services.

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