Core Values



At Getting Logistics Done, we are one close-knit family who is there for each other, wheter you are a customer, supplier, partner or employee. It's all about personal connection. We share challenges and enjoyable moments. Everyone works for one another to achieve successes. That's how, as a family, we accomplish everything.



At Getting Logistics Done, we connect cultures, people and markets worldwide. We do this with care and quality, continuously innovating and understanding the market. In this way, we set the world in motion, both literally and figuratively. 


It's our responsibility to identify potential challenges and opportunities before they arise. Through personal contact, innovatie solutions and digitization, we stay ahead of developments in a timely manner. This way, we provide solutions even before we receive the question.


We don't build customer-supplier relationships. Through common goals based on trust, understanding and shared successes, we foster strong collaborations among customers, suppliers, partners and employees. This is how we realize boudless ambitions.


At Getting Logistics Done, we are always on the lookout for innovative logistics solutions and continually explore the horizon. Whether it's digitization or new connections and markets, we cross boundaries to ensure we always meet all your logistic needs.


We find the right solution for every logistics challenge. With our dedicated professionals, we overcome all obstacles. This is how we make every collaboration succesful, whatever it takes.

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