How it all started....

It all began with the ambitious adventure of founders Ferry and Otto. Their boyhood dream to be at the very center of world trade began on the Maas river in Rotterdam. There they would wonder what could be in all those containers piled on the large ships passing by. Later both would find managing sucessful logistics projects to be the challenge and gained experience delivering products all over the world in every possible way.


The origin of

Getting Logistics Done

When Ferry and Otto finally met in the talent department of a large logistics company, they noticed they had a lot in common. They both saw opportunities where others saw obstacles. They knew that going into business themselves was the only way to get the most out of their ideas. When the opportunity arose to start their own logistics company, they started Daxel Logistics Benelux in March 2019. In 2023 they separated from the parent company Daxel Italy and continued under a new name: Getting Logistics Done. It's a company that feels like a family and, together with it's partners, continuously pushes boundries to facillitate global trade.

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