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Do you want to transport your goods all over the world? Getting Logistics Done is your partner that arranges transport from A to Z! From dry to perishable transport, we arrange everything, including certificates for fresh food. Thanks to our wide network in South America and Asia, among others, we can deliver your goods from start to finish. Below are some sectors that we are good at! You can also request a quote immediately! 

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Fresh transport – Perishable Goods

We have several years of experience in refrigerated transport by sea, road and air. We ensure that fresh food remains fresh during transport. We are your partner for the import of food products and have a large network in South America. We are experts in refrigerated transport, both in trailers and containers. In addition, our warehouses are fully equipped to keep chilled products fresh. Naturally, we adhere to all requirements of the HACCP standards framework. When importing, we also make an NVWA registration, so that these products can be imported safely and quickly.

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Consumer goods

We transport everything all over the world. In bulk by air freight , sea freight or by road. Consumer goods are no exception. This includes non-food products that we have transported on dry transport. Speed ​​is the key here, so we ensure that the products are in stock from the factory as quickly as possible. Naturally, we respond to seasonal influences.

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Do you spend more time on the logistics process than on marketing your shop? Then this is the time to start thinking about outsourcing the logistics process. We manage your stock, prepare every order for shipment and send the orders to carriers via our network. You can also use our warehouses to purchase and store your products. This allows us to relieve you of the logistics process from start to finish: shipping, preparation, storage and receiving. It is not without reason that we call ourselves a one-stop shop and your permanent partner!

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We are the link between the customer and shop. Do you always spend a lot of time packing and shipping products? Outsource the logistics process! Use our warehouses and we offer you complete fulfillment activities at the same time. Our warehouses are located in strategic locations, allowing us to transport quickly nationally and internationally. We also take care of preparing packages for shipment and storing your goods. When transporting, you use our wide network of transporters - everything under one roof! 

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