Business Unit Manager Warehousing at Getting Logistics Done

Business Unit Manager Warehousing at Getting Logistics Done

Our Business Unit Manager in the Spotlight: Michel

In the bustling logistics environment of Rotterdam, where goods from all corners of the world converge, we had the opportunity to sit down with Michel Slootjes, Business Unit Manager Warehousing at Getting Logistics Done. Michel gave us valuable insights into the challenges and innovations in logistics and warehousing in this crucial port city.

A day in the life of a Business Unit Manager Warehousing at GLD

''As Business Unit Manager Warehousing, my primary responsibility is to oversee the day-to-day operations of our various warehouses. This includes inventory management, optimizing (efficiently managing) storage space, coordinating shipments and making sure our operations are in line with our customers' needs and industry regulations''.

''In addition, I work closely with other departments and our Warehouse Supervisor Hedi Tlig to streamline processes and maximize efficiency. Innovation is of great importance for staying competitive in logistics. We are always looking for new technologies and solutions to improve our operations.'' - said Michel.

Cooperation is the key to success

Michel is originally a freight forwarder, which enables him to think well along with our partners' processes. ''We regard our customers as partners and believe in the power of cooperation''. As the person with final responsibility, Michel functions directly under the management (the entrepreneur among entrepreneurs he calls it himself), but he is also definitely 'one of the boys' on the floor in the warehouses. ''With our common motto 'just do it' we unburden our partners and can switch super fast''.

''We not only radiate unity, we are a unit. A close-knit family. The name change at the beginning of this year had a big impact and it has made us even closer as a team. We as a team need few words, we dare to take opportunities and there is absolutely no micro-management. Our team consists of real teamplayers who take responsibility and have a proactive mindset.

Differentiating factor

At Getting Logistics Done, efficiency is not just a goal, but a standard. As Business Unit Manager, Michel is responsible for ensuring this efficiency in all aspects of warehousing operations. Our goal is to help our customers optimize their logistics processes so they can remain competitive in their markets. This means we are constantly looking at ways to streamline our operations and add value to what we offer."

One of the pillars of our success is the ability to work proactively with partners and really understand their needs. "Michel continues: "We strive to be not just a logistics service provider, but a strategic partner for our customers. This means we don't just respond to their requests, but proactively provide solutions that improve their processes and support their goals."

Proud of our growth

''The growth we have experienced is impressive and something the entire team is proud of. Michel shares, ''It is extraordinary to see how quickly our company has developed and expanded. This growth is a confirmation of our ability to deliver value to our customers and to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the market."

"Our focus remains on providing excellent service to our customers while continuing to innovate and adapt to new developments in the industry. I believe that by sticking to our core values of ambition, proactive and collaborative, we are well positioned to remain successful no matter what the future holds" - said Michel.

The conversation with Michel offers a fascinating insight into the world of warehousing and logistics, where efficiency and collaboration are key. It is clear that we are not only proud of our past, but also excited about the future and the opportunities it holds for continued growth and success. Insights and initiatives from leaders like Michel are vital in moving the industry forward.


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