Operations Manager at Getting Logistics Done

Operations Manager at Getting Logistics Done

As a logistics company in the Rotterdam area, Getting Logistics Done is known for its dedication, determination and customer-oriented approach. But who are the people who ensure that everything runs smoothly? Meet Johnny Schouwenaar, Operations Manager at Getting Logistics Done, who calls the shots and is the heart of the operational team. 

A life dedicated to logistics 
Johnny amassed a wealth of knowledge as a freight forwarder before taking on the role of Operations Manager at Getting Logistics Done. With no less than 22 years of experience in the logistics sector, he is responsible for the import, export, air and sea freight departments. That is why no working day is the same for Johnny. His agenda is filled with a diverse mix of tasks, from financial matters to operational activities and of course managing his team. 

Always a ''personal touch'' at Getting Logistics Done 
"The personal approach is what sets Getting Logistics Done apart," Johnny explains proudly. "For us, the customer is not a number, but a valued relationship. We really know our customers and strive for long-term relationships based on trust and top-quality service. After all, it's all about building strong relationships and understanding their unique needs. " 

 Johnny's growth within Getting Logistics Done is an inspiring story. The confidence he has gained has enabled him to leave his mark on the organization. “When I started, I immediately had the opportunity to make things my own,” says Johnny. "That trust has helped me grow quickly." 

Teamwork and motivation: the key to success 
When we ask Johnny what he is most proud of, he says without hesitation: ''the team! Everyone puts their weight behind it, and that is really great to see. It is the result of open communication, transparency and giving of responsibility to every team member. We are a close-knit team," Johnny explains. "We consult with each other a lot, give each other space to think along and solve problems together." 

In terms of future plans, Johnny still sees plenty of opportunities for Getting Logistics Done, especially in the Dutch market and agent loads in South America. “With Getting Logistics Done I want to become a well-known name in the Rotterdam forwarding world,” he says determinedly.

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