Operations Coordinator at Getting Logistics Done

Operations Coordinator at Getting Logistics Done

Meet Jochem, one of the driving forces behind our export department, who wants to leave his mark on communication and add a personal touch to our services.

“What do you hope to achieve this year as an operations coordinator at GLD?” we ask Jochem. His answer is clear: "It's all about personal development in communication, going the extra mile for our customers. A simple phone call can make a world of difference. We don't just want to build business relationships, but real connections. That's what makes our work really fun."

Jochem describes the team as a close-knit unit. "We are on the same page in our export team. We know that we can rely on each other, even when things are busy. We motivate each other to excel and always offer a helping hand." 

What sets GLD apart from the competition?

Jochem focuses on our personal approach. "We want to build a relationship with our customers. That's why we insist on direct contact so that we really understand their needs. In addition, we are making strategic moves, such as our office in South America, to explore new markets and expand our customer base ."

Proud of progress and development

When we ask what he is most proud of within the company, Jochem is full of praise for the development that GLD has undergone. "I've been working here for 2.5 years now and I see how much more professional we have become. We have invested in knowledge and personal development, and it has paid off."

When it comes to technological developments, Jochem sees opportunities in automated systems. "Documentation and administration are becoming increasingly automated, giving us more time for personal contact with our customers. AI is also interesting, but I am still skeptical. The future will tell."

In the dynamic world of logistics and exports, it is crucial to have a team that not only works efficiently, but also strives for excellent service and strong customer relationships. Jochem and his team at Getting Logistics Done embody these values, with a focus on personal communication, teamwork and continuous growth. By continuing to invest in knowledge, technology and personal development, GLD is ready to meet the challenges of the future and strengthen its position as a market leader. With a dedicated team and a clear vision on service and quality, GLD's future is undoubtedly promising.

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